Modular 7-DOF arm
Posted by at August 23rd, 2011 @ 2:16 pm · Robotics

This video shows off a modular arm, that is designed to operate from 1 to 7 degrees of freedom.  This video shows the  7 joints (4 rolls and 3 pitch joints) going from sitting on a table to a fully powered and operational arm in under 2 minutes.  This uses our Universal Mating Adapter technology, so that all power and communications are handled inside each joint.  The UMA allows hotswappable joints.  Each joint also stores it’s configuration and calibration data.  At around time 1:54, you can hear the brakes of the arm disengage.  The brakes default to on with no power and their last known state is reinitialized when the brakes are released.

This video also shows joint control as well as coordinated Cartesian control as the arm descends to attach to an end effector (a drill bit).  The wrist roll joint is equipped with an automated attach/detach mechanism so that different end effectors and manipulators can be used in complex scenarios.

This arm was produced under a NASA Phase II SBIR.

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