DARPA Robot Challenge
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The virtual robot to be used in the DARPA Virtual Robot Challenge

Four TRACLabs scientists just returned from Washington DC where they attended the kick-off of the DARPA Robot Challenge (DRC). The DRC involves either building a robot that can perform disaster relief functions (Track A) or writing software that allows a DARPA-provided robot to perform the same disaster relief functions (Track B). TRACLabs was given a Track B award by DARPA, one of only eleven institutions world-wide to receive an award, potentially worth over $2 million dollars. TRACLabs is partnered with SUNY-Buffalo for this work. TRACLabs will need to compete with other Track B awardees in a Virtual Robot Challenge (VRC) conducted in simulation. The VRC involves a simulated robot driving a cart, walking through a rubble field, and connecting a hose or cable to a socket. The VRC will take place in June 2013. The popular press is already covering the DRC, including:

NY Times
IEEE Spectrum
PC Magazine

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