DARPA sponsored a Virtual Robot Challenge held June 18-20. Over 20 teams competed to complete three tasks: 1) maneuver a robot through a course with mud, hills, and obstacles; 2) enter a vehicle and drive it; and 3) pick up a hose and mate it to a connector. Each team performed each task five times using a simulated robot provided by DARPA. Teams were scored based on completing tasks and subtasks, time to complete tasks, and number of bits uploaded to the robot from the operator control stations. TRACLabs was one of eleven teams to received a DARPA grant to participate in this challenge. TRACLabs was assisted by researchers from SUNY-Buffalo. Final results will be announced by DARPA on June 25. Winning teams will continue their research using a DARPA-supplied robot. For more information see: http://www.theroboticschallenge.org/

TRACLabs team members watch as operators control a DARPA simulated robot.

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