Bryn Wolfe

Head of Product Quality Assurance

Bryn Wolfe develops modular robotic controllers and software for NASA JSC, Naval Research Lab, and various research institutions. He has designed custom FPGA electronics for real-time image processing and manages the design and sale of the TRACLabs MARS (Modular Anthropomorphic Robotic System) arm and Biclops pan/tilt commercial products. Past work includes development of immersive telepresence robot interfaces for the International Space Station and avionics design for the Station Training Facility. His current research interests include modular controls, robot vision, teleoperation, and automated security systems. His current responsibilities include software testing and quality assurance for TRACLabs commercial products.


1985 B.S. Computer Engineering, University of Arizona, Tucson AZ

1997 M.S. Computer Engineering, University of Houston, Houston TX



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