Advancing Beyond

An exploratory research lab driven by a curious, pioneering spirit.

Our Projects

TRACLabs has over twenty years of experience in the field of robotics and automation, and consistently works with the preeminent minds in the field. Our research and technology serves many industries, and the pioneering work of our Thought Leaders is currently in use from the deepest of oceans to the International Space Station.

TRACLabs implemented a simple, fast, multi-threaded Rule-Based System in C++11. The Rules Engine is designed to work as a standalone forward-chaining Artificial Intelligence system, work with TRACLabs' PRIDE systems, and interact with various external clients using standard middleware -- including OPC-UA, ROS, CORBA, and HTTPS.


TRACLabs has developed the PRIDE electronic procedure system as a means to create collaborative and interactive routine operating procedures.


TRACLabs developed control software and human-robot interfaces for the Boston Dynamics ATLAS humanoid robot as part of the DARPA Robot Challenge.


TRACLabs is working with the US Air Force to provide on-board autonomous planning and execution for satellite autonomy.


TRACLabs has used PRIDE electronic procedure software to automate NASA habitats and studied the effects of procedure automation on human performance.


TRACLabs' affordance template software provides a general purpose task representation and execution framework that can easily be applied to different robots and different environmental contexts.